Hotel delle Terme - Via delle Terme, 36/40 - 57021 Venturina Terme (LI) - +390565 855759

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A new modern Hotel accurately detailed. It has been created with the purpose to accommodate either enthusiasts of the Maremma within its sea and its verdant nature and those who wish to pamper themselves with the services offered by the hotel: thermal water pools, massages and treatments at our spa.


The 44 rooms are designed to offer a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The furnishings and details are designed to give each guest the deserved comfort. The rooms on the northern side overlook the hills, while those located in the south side overview the pool. Each room has a bathroom in travertine with spacious walk-in shower.

Why not enjoy a breakfast prepared with care and majesty once awake?

It’s another way to pamper yourself living pleasant moments starting from mornings. An intimate and delicious breakfast.


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